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A Culture of Contemporary Design Excellence

Creating bespoke lifts with architectural appeal and the ability to turn heads begins on the virtual drawing board.

Disabled access lifts and wheelchair lifts are required for DDA compliance, and Mylyft produce platform lifts that will match the aesthetic of your building offering disabled access without compromising architectural design.

Through computer aided design to manufacture, lines on screen and paper become reality via high technology and advanced engineering, not to mention a great deal of help from highly skilled hands-on engineers and our own talented, keen eyed design team who understand the prestige marketplace and enjoy the challenges presented by discerning clientèle.

The design stage is crucial, leaving nothing to chance. Form and function must be balanced perfectly, fit and finish must be exceptional. We are greatly influenced by modern architecture which is translated into a platform lift design that complements its environment and enhances the lives of its disabled operators. Each lift must be beautiful and a joy to use – the art of elevation.

Producing a Beautiful Mylyft Premium Platform Lift

Once the specification has been agreed, manufacturing co-ordination and compliance come into play.

With extreme efficiency, the production of a Mylyft platform lift will commence. Timing, communication and expertise are crucial. By the time the scissor mechanism has been produced the platform lift will be ready for fitting out, every single component will have been production planned and it’s progress recorded on the central Lyfthaus IT system.

Accuracy in manufacturing thanks to the CAD/CAM technology means that each component matches perfectly with its neighbour, even though they may have been produced in factories or workshops miles apart. If the smallest piece of wiring is to be countersunk behind a panel, the groove will have been specified from the earliest design plans, programmed into the CAM computer, and milled to the exact tolerance required.

At the Lyfthaus Technology Centre a highly skilled workforce covering disciplines including engineering, programming, metal work, electronics, glazing and hydraulics produces, tests and hand-finishes each platform lift using only the finest quality materials and the utmost attention to detail.

Every hour of the construction process is logged, monitored and analysed in the pursuit of quality and efficiency; there is constant communication and collaboration between team leaders, production planners and designers to ensure that every single action involved in the construction is right first time, every time.

Putting all these elements together requires genuine team spirit, which at Lyfthaus is not just a nod to it’s family-firm ancestry. It is genuine, and also remarkable in a workforce that covers so many disciplines. This team spirit and pride in one’s workmanship is what really brings a Mylyft lift into being.

Once construction and hand finishing are complete, finally comes the testing, installation and hand-over stage. Each platform lift is only ever as good as it’s installation and we employ the finest installation engineers, experts in their field who are courteous, knowledgeable and highly experienced.

The Mylyft Freedom of Choice and Bespoke Design Service

Our specifying and survey team are here to assist you at every step in the decision making process and it is very important to us that we meet or indeed exceed your expectations in every respect and this starts with ensuring the product being offered is absolutely correct for your requirements. Our range is vast with lift heights to over 3000mm and platform sizes and configurations to suit your operational and site layout requirements. Whilst brush stainless steel remains our most popular finish we also offer all RAL code paint colours plus innovative new metallic pearlescent finishes including brass, bronze, gold and copper.

Gates and side barriers are mostly produced in discreet frameless glass with further options also available. Your platform surface can be finished with your own choice of materials including stone slabs, slate, tiles, marble and timber – this will not affect your platform lift’s load capacity due to the highly stable, super strong scissor mechanisms and hydraulic systems we use. Our team will help build you your ideal specification, providing a detailed proposal and drawings. In addition to our adaptable standard Mylyft series we also offer bespoke lifts and our special Heritage Collection which ensures your platform lift will blend seamlessly with it’s historic surroundings. From subtle touches to ambitious statements, bring your unique Mylyft platform lift to life with our dedicated bespoke service team.


A Few of Our Clients

Here are just a few clients we have been fortunate enough to work with over the years...

  1. Barclays
  2. Canary Wharf
  3. Capital-One
  4. Church Of England
  5. Citigroup
  6. Heals
  7. Hilton
  8. JP Morgan
  9. Kempinski
  10. London Business School
  11. LTA British Tennis
  12. Marriott
  13. Morgan Stanley
  14. Radisson
  15. Royal Academy of Arts
  16. Sky News
  17. Spire Healthcare
  18. Tate Modern
  19. UBS
  20. University Cambridge
  21. University London
  22. University Oxford
  23. Victorias Secret

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